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"The Art Of Wood And Tone"

The Takamine Guitar Forum is pleased to announce a special offering of the hardcover photo and reference book by author Rolf-Juergen Bruess entitled "The Art Of Wood And Tone -Takamine Limited Edition Guitars 1987-2007".  This wonderful book traces the rich history of Takamine Guitars and specifically focuses on the annual Limited Edition models.   The book is 244 pages in full color, lavishly illustrated and quality hard bound.   

The first chapter "The Takamine Way" traces the company's roots from its very beginning in 1962 near the foot of Mount Takamine in the town of Sakashita, Japan.  The growth of the company is traced through the 60's and 70's with historical photos and print ads.    The development of the acoustic - electric guitars is also well documented along with Taka- mine's rise as a prominent force in the global guitar market and guitar of choice for many professional touring musicians.  But the heart of the subject matter of this fine book is the detailed chronicle of each and every Limited Edition model.  For each LTD model the specifications and design drawings are shown in detail along with exquisite color photographs and ad reprints.   The motivation and design objectives are well discussed.    The subject never strays far from the title "The Art Of Wood And Tone" and examines in great detail the fine craftsmanship and meticulous attention that goes into each and every LTD model.  A separate chapter is dedicated to each years guitar.
Also well documented are the various  Takamine pre-amp systems that evolved over the years and became such an integral part of the companies success.   The final chapter is dedicated to the exquisite inlay work and ornamentation that adorns so many of these guitars.  Many factory pictures are included showing various aspects of the guitars fabrication. 

The book contains over 700 high quality photographs and
graphics, all printed on exceptionally high quality gloss pages and professionally bound in a manner reserved for only finest of reference books.  Color photos adorn the front and rear cover.  I can not speak highly enough about the quality of this fine book.


"The Art Of Wood And Tone" is available for $45. which includes S/H in the US.  PayPal only.

(If you live outside the US please email me for a price quote.) 

Below are some scanned pages from the actual book.  Pages are heavy duty and gloss photo paper.

Front Cover

The LTD Guitars

Inside Cover

25th Anniversary Spec Sheet

Late 70's Pickup System

The LTD-99

The LTD-88

Expert Craftsmanship

The LTD-98

We would like to extend our personal thank you to the author, Rolf-Juergen Bruess for making this wonderful book available to
 members of the Takamine Forum under this special arrangement.  Our sincere thanks on behalf of all members.   Dave & Alex

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