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This online community is devoted to players and enthusiasts of Takamine instruments and guitars in general.  Although not officially sanctioned by Takamine, within the forum you will hopefully find a wealth of information on Takamine products from those who use them. From beginners to seasoned professionals, we offer a venue to share, learn or just browse.

Takamine introduces the 2022 LTD guitar …

The Art Of Wood And Tone

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The Art Of Wood And Tone , by Rolf-Juergen Bruess, traces the history of the Takamine Ltd series guitars in an exquisitely detailed hard-covered year by year photo chronicle.  

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Takamine guitars have been impressing players for many years.   Originally seen as an inexpensive alternative to traditional "Made In USA" brands, over the years Takamine has into their own as one of the premier guitar builders in the world based on the cornerstones of Sound and Craftsmanship. Takamine's products will now stand toe to toe with the the very best that US makers can offer.   Recent special models such as the EF-75 and Bluegrass guitars, take the pure acoustic tone to levels once thought un-reachable by all but a very few big US names and some small specialty builders.  Takamine offers a wide range of onboard electronics options for most of their guitars and no doubt the reason you see so many of  these models in the hands of the gigging musician.   The net of all this is a lineup of very impressive instruments that you would not hesitate to call into use as your "go to" guitars, and the very reason we are motivated to offer this online community as a place to browse, register, share the experience, ask questions, learn from each other, and spread the Takamine mojo.

David Witko has been a guitar enthusiast and small time collector for many years. "My interests had always been Ovation products, along with more traditional brands such as C.F. Martin and Guild. Until recently I hardly knew what Takamine was. But my ears were opened to such stunning models as the EF75, EF360 and EF417 and I have seen first hand the high quality and exquisite craftsmanship offered in a Takamine." Dave’s collection can be seen at My Guitar Gallery .

Alex Pepiak is a long time fixture on the vintage musical instrument scene and owner of Lost Art Vintage Instruments . Al is no stranger to online guitar communities and is a co-founder of the Ovation Fan Club. "Although Takamine guitars have always been on my radar, some of the most recent models completely blow me away by their sound and the quality workmanship in such a reasonably price instrument. Compared to the big-name US brands, the Takamine value is undeniable and the feedback from my customers is overwhelmingly positive."

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